For every college-bound student -- and his or her parents -- The New York Times' The Choice is a must read. Timely articles, insights, tips, and anecdotes appearing daily on this appealing and interesting blog help guide you safely through the jungle that is the college application, admission and financing process.

Beyond The Choice, The New York Times provides special sections, including the recently published Education Life, which inform, enlighten and, yes, even entertain.

Learn about such college oddities as NYU's campus in Abu Dhabi. [And you wonder why tuition is soooooo darn high!] Get the ins and outs, ups and downs of study abroad. Note the final tally on the acceptance rates at some of the nation's most selective colleges. [Yes, it is getting more competitive with every passing year!]

From mental health on campus to the intricacies of the college transfer process, Education Life is a wealth of information.

Why are tuition rates skyrocketing? Find out. [Think, supply and demand.] Is 8th Grade too early to prep for the SAT? [Your friends at College Board don't think so!]

From applying to college to being accepted (or rejected) to paying the bills, The New York Times Education Section has got you covered.

No, we don't have stock in the New York Times Company -- only a subscription. We do, however, know a most useful college planning resource when we read one!
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