While the "common" section of the Common App no longer provides for the upload of a formal Resume, most colleges continue to welcome same, and many, including those on Common App, provide the opportunity to upload a Resume, either via the Common App Writing Supplement, or their own proprietary applications.

READ, Common App members and others welcome your resume.

If you would like a sample high school resume, simply email us at info@CollegeConnect.info, and we will wisk one off to you. Feel free to adopt as your own and modify accordingly.

SEE ALSO, I Am My High School Resume.

Remember, anything you can do to give yourself an edge in the college admission process definitely helps!

Questions? Concerns? Chocolate chip cookies? We are always here for you!

P.S. If this is August, it must be time to apply for the monthly College Prowler $2000 No Essay Required Scholarship! Just sayin'... Cool

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