It is not always -- or even often -- about the story. How you tell it. What it imparts. Where you’ve come from. Where you hope to go. At least not in college admissions, where the difference between acceptance and denial (or deferment and waitlist) is frequently a random act rather than a conscious effort.

Take the case of two students I worked with this year. Both from a prestigious Long Island high school. One with stellar grades, scores, community service, extracurriculars, and an essay to knock your socks off. The other, 
ummmmmm, not so much.

The latter was accepted Early Action to a college that, to protect the insane, shall remain nameless. The former, deferred by the same college. The “not so much” kid accepted, Regular Decision, to a college that both he and the outstanding and more well-rounded student applied to -- on the same day, no less. The one who looked better on paper, as well as in real life, denied.

Okay. Life is unfair. We get that. But presentation, and positioning your application and credentials in the most favorable light, as important as they are in college applications and admissions, do not always overcome the sheer madness of a process (if one could call it that) that too often makes 
eenie, meenie, minee, moe look like a scientific breakthrough.

In a world turned upside down by the desire to move up in the rankings, secure enrollments, and fill the coffers, it is not always the best, the brightest, the most articulate, or the highest scoring student who wins the race. And maybe that’s not such a bad thing, as life, with its twist, turns, and curve balls, shall surely come at you that way.

Look. College admissions isn't a science. It barely rises to the level of an art form. 
Still, show them everything you’ve got. [Well, maybe not that mole on your backside. :-)] Polish and refine that college application. Bowl ‘em over with that essay. Demonstrate interest in every possible way. Conquer the nuances. Overlook the inanities. Give it your best shot.

Just never forget that the universe, and college admissions, favor chaos and randomness. And never, ever discount happenstance and luck!

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Plan. Prepare. PREVAIL!

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