Our good friends at AccreditedOnlineColleges.com, who themselves sport a blog (www.accreditedonlinecolleges.com/blog/), have posted a list of college blogs that, as they succinctly put it, "every parent should read."

The list of blogs is by no means definitive, and certainly not exhaustive (after all, The College Whisperer's blog, which clearly ranks right up there -- if The College Whisperer must say so himself -- does not appear among the anointed. An oversight, to be sure ;-), but many of these postings are still worthy of a look see, if not an absolute adhere to.

Keep in mind that all blogs, including this one, offer opinion, and should not be taken either as Gospel (unless verifiable Biblical references are footnoted ;-) or as the final, determinative word on any given subject.

Check your sources. Gather credible and time-tested resources. Consult with the experts. Above all, use your common sense.

That said, we bring you, by way of republication and without further comment or any particular endorsement, the college blogs de jour:


Get tips on reviewing schools, dealing with rejection, and writing college essays.

  1. The Choice: This blog from the NYT online keeps up with the sometimes outrageous trends circulating around college admissions. A new series with student guest bloggers adds interest and emotion into the column and will help you understand the journey from your child’s perspective. Recommended Posts: A Decision Letter from Yale, Then a Sandwich and a Nap and A Common Glitch in the Common Application
  2. My College Calendar Blog: Posts here range from deadline reminders to action items for juniors to interesting stats and trivia about college, college graduates, and the job market. Recommended Posts: Deferred to Regular Admission Applicant Pool? Here’s What to Do and Don’t Let Counselors Limit Your Future
  3. The Ivy Coach: Find reminders for Early Action and Early Decision deadlines, tips for dealing with rejection, and clues for answering essay questions. Recommended Posts: Senior Slide and its Impact on College Admissions and Score Choice or No Choice?
  4. My College Options: Besides the blog, this website also has an info site for parents. But visit the Advice column, too, for news, tips and support during the stressful application process. Recommended Posts: Where Should College Rankings Rank in Choosing a College? and Growth Industries to Keep in Mind As You Consider Your College Selection
  5. Get Into College Blog: A professional college counselor from New York City keeps up this blog which features weekly posts containing tips for mastering the SAT, admissions essays, and the overall process. Browse through the archive for golden bits of advice. Recommended Posts: 5 Steps to Starting Your College Essay and 5 Reasons to Enjoy the College Admissions Process

Financial Aid

Learn how to fill out financial aid forms and apply for scholarships, without going deep into debt.

  1. Financial Aid News: This well-organized blog tags posts according to financial aid, scholarships, FAFSA information, student loans, and saving money, and covers top news stories about governmental rulings and programs, as well as state-specific updates. Recommended Posts: Avoid 4 Common Financial Aid Myths and 3 Student Debt Reduction Strategies
  2. Student Loan Blog: Families will find tips and solutions for all types of college finance issues, not just student loans. Recommended Posts: Federal Aid for Students –Without Need and Top 5 End of year financial aid strategies
  3. Paying for College: This blog is supported by the State Council of Higher Education for Virginia, but lists lots of great tips and resources for families in other states, too. Recommended Posts: Stay Focused! and More on Federal Student Loans
  4. The Go Financial Aid Blog: Learn how to fill out and file FAFSA, and other grants, scholarships and loans. Recommended Posts: Practice FAFSA and Out-of-State Tuition and Financial Aid
  5. FAFSA Blog: This blog breaks down all the guidelines, benefits and limitations of FAFSA. Recommended Posts: What is the FSEOG? and What schools offer the FSEOG?

Campus Life

These blogs offer you a peek into college life, from the dorms to study groups to exam time.

  1. Year One: A College Blog: Collegiate Kate’s blog is a good resource for parents of high schoolers or freshmen students. You’ll get a peek inside the challenges, temptations and and chaos of college life, all with an optimistic spin and lots of tips for staying sane. Recommended Posts: Optional Homework? and Test Week, not Death Week
  2. The College Solution Blog: Lynn O’Shaughnessy’s popular blog is an indispensable resource for students and parents, tackling practical topics like finances, admissions, studying and college life by offering insightful, innovative solutions. Recommended Posts: What You Need to Know About Studying Abroad and Tips for Collegebound Teenagers With Learning Disabilities
  3. Campus Grotto College Blog: As well as some feature-type posts that share college statistics and trivia, this blog sheds a light on how colleges spend money, degree trends, and helpful study tools. Recommended Posts: Where to Get eTextbooks and Where do colleges spend their money?
  4. University Diaries: Get smart analysis on modern day campus life in America from an English professor, blogging for Inside Higher Ed. Recommended Posts: Party On and BDSM and the American University
  5. OnlineCollege.org Blog: This helpful higher education guide features concise posts about thriving on campus and in class, punctuated by longer, trivia-type posts about colleges, study tools, and more. Recommended Posts: 100 Incredibly Useful Links for Teaching and Studying Shakespeare and Parents Weekend! How to Show Your Parents a Good Time on Campus
  6. International Counselor: From admissions to America’s college competitors to insight for evaluating study abroad programs, you’ll find a healthy mix of college topics here. Recommended Posts: Why application numbers are up: the other side of the story and Most stressful colleges
  7. More college material: Mary Beth Marklein blogs for USA Today’s website about college finances, campus life events, gap years, applying to graduate school, and more. Recommended Posts: Do religion and college mix? and My Gap Year: Feel the fear and do it anyway
  8. Rachel vs. Ramen: Here’s a niche blog we’d like to throw in. If your college-aged "child" is a picky eater or complaining that they’re sick of eating ramen, direct them to this blog, which is full of tasty but easy recipes for university students. Recommended Posts: Meat Sauce and Pasta Primaver-y Good
  9. Freshman 15 Blog: Seventeen.com’s blog reveals what college life is really like, a great guide for parents wanting to find out what their daughters may be up to, without being too intrusive. Recommended Posts: First semester – year of redemption and New York City College Nightlife
  10. Surviving College Life: Jamie is a recent graduate of UC San Diego and blogs here to help students get through the everyday obstacles — like waking up early and getting by on a shoestring budget — so that they can enjoy their college experience. Parents will also find support and advice when wondering how to deal with their student’s questions or problems. Recommended Posts: Why and When You Should Drop a Class in College and 3 Tips to Help You Graduate Early (or At Least on Time!)
  11. The College Puzzle: Dr. Michael W. Kirst blogs for Stanford University, sharing all kinds of tips for studying and succeeding in college, as well as news about higher education in California. Recommended Posts: Students Think That They Are Prepared For College, But Teachers Disagree and Study Finds Complex Patterns In College Grading Of Students

Higher Ed

You’ll stay abreast of all the news, legislation and debates surrounding colleges, including funding, community college programs, technology, and more.

  1. Washington Monthly College Guide: From cheating to IT to the rising cost of college, you’ll get a comprehensive education on the state of higher ed here. Recommended Posts: The New College Choice Mentality? and The Ivy Drug Problem Gets Serious
  2. The Quick and the Ed: Keep up with education research and policy here. Recommended Posts: Reg Weaver Jumps on the Wrong Bandwagon and A Worthwhile Investment?
  3. Brainstorm: As one of The Chronicle of Higher Education’s blogs, Brianstorm offesr up smart, current commentary on why colleges do what they do. Recommended Posts: The "Don’t Suck’ Theory of Improving Graduation Rates and Employers Want 18th-Century Skills
  4. Minding the Campus: Here’s a truly smart and valuable blog for parents who want to learn more about higher education reform, for their college-aged kids or younger children who may not apply for several more years. Recommended Posts: Sustainability — Splurging with Your Tax Dollars and I Agree with Richard Vedder, But…
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