The dates and registration deadlines for ACT and SAT have been released. Gone are the days of a summer SAT, and even the September SAT has fallen by the wayside. Pity the student who was hoping to have the SAT scores in time to apply for Early Action or Early Decision, which is typically mid-October to early November for most colleges. What were the folks at College Board thinking? [READ, The College Board Drops The Ball.]

Here are the ACT/SAT schedules. Take note and register early. Once space has filled for any particular exam, it's gone! 

ACT test dates:

September 21, 2013 (August 23 registration deadline)
October 26, 2013 (September 27 registration deadline)
December 14, 2013 (November 8 registration deadline)
February 8, 2014 (January 10 registration deadline)* 
April 12, 2014 (March 7 registration deadline)
June 14, 2014 (May 9 registration deadline)

* The February ACT is not available in New York state.

SAT test dates:

October 5, 2013 (September 6 registration deadline)
November 2, 2013 (October 3 registration deadline)
December 7, 2013 (November 8 registration deadline)
January 25, 2014 (December 27 registration deadline)
March 8, 2014 (February 7 registration deadline)
May 3, 2014 (April 4 registration deadline)
June 7, 2014 (May 9 registration deadline)

Best of luck!

Plan. Prepare. Prevail! 

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