Commenting on our post, How Much Is That College Coach In The Window?, John T. Weir, Founder and CEO of The College Planning Network, had these words of wisdom to students -- and parents -- interested in college planning services:

I spent the past few years researching the college planning resources that are available for young adults and their families. I found that high school guidance counselors can be a great resource, but their time is very limited and they are spread too thin. So, parents have naturally turned to private options for advice-college planning experts. And it sure makes sense! You would seek a real estate agent if you were buying a home in a new neighborhood and you probably employ an accountant to do your taxes. You plan for retirement, consider investments, purchase insurance, and plan for your estate, all with the help of qualified professionals. Many folks even hire an expert to plan their wedding! So, it only stands to reason that you would want to hire a college planning professional, especially when you consider that the investment in a college education could easily top $100,000.

There are thousands of qualified and experienced coaches, consultants, and advisors on the Internet specializing in college preparation and planning services. But these professionals and the information about their various specialties are scattered over thousands of websites, and who really has the time or patience to do all of that Googling? I spent endless hours surfing the Internet looking at one college planning website after another. And what I discovered over time was that the availability of resources was not an issue; deciding how to select the advisor, coach, or college planning consultant that would best meet our family's professional and financial needs was the critical piece. How do I compare and contrast the services of one professional to the next? Is this person reputable? Can they deliver? Do they have references? What services do they offer and will it be worth the cost?

And so I had that "a-ha" moment! There had to be a way to search for a college planning professional on just one website. If it didn't exist, I would create it. And so I did. My hope is that The College Planning Network provides a convenient way for parents and their college bound students to connect and interact with the largest network of college planning experts in this country. I've established common parameters that a professional can use to display their services, allowing you to interview, verify, and select the individual that will best meet your needs. My personal goal and passion is to help you make smart choices about one of the most important decisions of your child's life-their college education.

Good Luck and I wish you success in your search for the right College Planning Expert!
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