Our friends and colleagues at College Admission Book (you don't have to buy the book. You have The College Whisperer and College Connection! :-) have created a step-by-step guide to completing and submitting the Common Application. [Click HERE to view.]

Yes, it is lengthy. True, some of the advice must be taken with that proverbial grain of salt. Agreed, that the round "How To" does not always fit neatly into the square holes of Common App. And yes (sigh), most folks (especially teens applying to college), don't bother to read such things, particularly when it doesn't come by way of text message or Tweet!

Ah, but the tip of the iceberg is revealed. . .

Still, The Application Form is a worthwhile read, both as an overview and as a reassurance that, at least as concerns the big picture, you've got the bases (okay, second base) covered.

Of course, to get you all the way home, scoring the winning run, you've got The College Whisperer and College Connection!  Don't hit that SUBMIT button until we've reviewed every line, each section, and the last of the college questions and writings. And, even then, knowing what has to be submitted first (Supplements) and where along the line payment must be made, as counter-intuitive as that may be on Common App, is of equal import -- and of no less confusion.

Read the guide. Then contact your Sherpa Guide through the college application and admissions process!
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