If comic legend Oliver Hardy was a high school senior, no doubt he'd be admonishing Stan Laurel, standing in as the now plaintive Common App, with those famous words, "That's another fine mess you've gotten us into, Stanley!" (or was it, Simon?)

Well, we don't have Laurel & Hardy with us (and do high school kids even know of this iconic comedy duo?), but when it comes to CA4, the latest incarnation of the floundering Common App, if we don't laugh, we will surely cry.

So, with profound apologies to Nat Hiken, and the entire cast and crew of Car 54 Where Are You? (living and dead), we parody the parody that was this 1960's hit TV sitcom with a modern day ode to those bungling boobs, not on the streets of New York, but behind the scenes at the Common Application.

Theme Song for the new hit comedy series, CA4 Where Are You?*

There’s a senior in the Bronx, 

Another in Brooklyn Heights. 

Aspiring to go to college, 

Applications give ‘em the frights. 

There’s a problem logging on, 

And submitting is a chore. 

CA4 where are you?  

Musical Interlude) 

Don’t hit payment twice,

Or you surely will be billed. 

Land on the signature page, 

Wow, that’s gotta be a thrill. 

The supplements are missing, 

Your essay is a blank. 

CA4 where are you?

*Lyrics by Seth Bykofsky a/k/a The College Whisperer

Common App -- and the whole college application process -- got you down in the dumps? Come on! Join us in a rousing chorus of CA4 Where Are You?

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