Yes, the road to college can be scary, with ghouls, goblins and more than a few witches popping out along the way to frighten both students and parents (most of whom, Halloween haunts notwithstanding, are already, shall we say, unnerved).

Is you application accurate? Has your essay given you voice among the cacophony (great SAT word) of hoots and hollers raised by your fellow college-bound compatriots? Did you complete every required section and answer each question on your application? Is it good enough to get you in? What about those Supplements? And how the heck do you pay for and submit this &^%$#@! Common App?

Applying to college should not be a hair-raising experience, essays, resumes, activity sheets, and those howling supplements masking the true you, and all you are capable of doing, being, achieving. Certainly, the last thing you want to do is scare off the one admission officer you want most to impress.

So, don't just get your college applications done. Get them done correctly, accurately and completely.

College is a six-figure investment. Before you hit that "SUBMIT" button, consult with your "college investment advisor".

And by the way, have a happy, and safe, Halloween!