Add this to the list of accolades for College Connection, Long Island's premier college planning service, and home of The College Whisperer™: @GetCollege -- our Twitter site -- was named to the Top 101 College Planning Twitter Accounts for Parents.

Oh yeah. We're up there with the best of 'em. @nytimescollege, @USNewsEducation, @CollegeBlogs and that Holy Grail (or is it Holy Terror of college information, @CollegeBoard. Cue the balloons!

Okay. So we're Number 83 for our first appearance on this exalted list. Guess who tries harder than anyone? ;-)

What's great about this list -- as with any "top," "best," or other patently contrived compilation, is no so much that we made it (a feather in our cap, to be sure), but moreover, that parents (and students) can readily locate and access invaluable resources all in one place.

As College Planning Group, the keepers of this most venerable list of those who opine about college in 140 characters, or less, have said, "In the old days, getting organized probably consisted of colored folders and some sticky notes. But now you have something better—you have Twitter. With Twitter, you can get all of the up-to-date information you need in one place. And you don't need to fly around to 101 different websites to get it." Bravo!

Information gathering. Culling the wheat from the chaff. Then processing that wealth of information into meaningful, purposeful data. These are the keys to success, not only in college planning, but in business, science, the arts, and, indeed, in life itself.

Rely not upon the many lists you will no doubt encounter, in your preparations to apply to college, or otherwise, as the gospel or the sum total of what is good -- let alone what is best (for you). Rather, embrace the lists as essential and necessary resources to help guide you along the way.

Our thanks to College Planning Group for putting our Twitter account on the proverbial cyber map, and for keeing the college-bound in the know.

When it comes to applying to college, and moreover, actually getting in, knowledge, and how to use it, are everything!

Plan. Prepare. PREVAIL!

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