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Here's just some of what our college planning and counseling package includes*:
      ·         Comprehensive college plan customized to student’s needs and           goals                                                                              

      ·         Individualized consultations with personal college counselor (includes up to 15 in-person sessions with your counselor*)

      ·         Unlimited access to College Cafe, Essential Links & Resources

      ·         Unlimited e-mail access to personal college counselor

      ·         Unlimited telephone and text access to personal college counselor

      ·         Review of prior academic accomplishments

      ·         Advice on course selection

      ·         Recommendations for extracurricular involvement and summer activities

      ·         Testing recommendations

      ·         In-depth interview on college preferences of both student and parent

      ·         Career planning - evaluate career interest and personal styles inventory

      ·         Preparation of a selected list of "best fit" colleges uniquely suited to the student

      ·         Advice on making successful college visits

      ·         Action Plan with organizational timeline

      ·         Essay Brainstorming session

      ·         Editing of personal essays

      ·         Editing of the activities résumé

      ·         Editing of supplemental essays

      ·         Review and enhancement of applications

      ·         Assistance with submission of applications

      ·         Advice and action plan on scholarship, grant and financial aid sourcing

      ·         Assistance with completion and filing of College Profile and/or FAFSA

      ·         Recommendations and practice for college interviews

      ·         Help with making final choice when decision letters are received

      ·        Analysis and maximization of financial aid award
*Moreover, you get ME, The College Whispererevery step of the way! Now what could be better than that? 
For those who who may need less hand-holding and more self-guided navigation through the college application and admissions process, we offer customizable plans, discounted e-Planning, and affordable hourly rates. [Check out the Nuts & Bolts, then call us at 516-345-8766 to schedule your first session.]