We spend quite a bit of time (so you don't have to) searching for the best -- as in concise, informative, relevant and useful -- college planning guidebooks and websites.

Here are a few that are particularly pertinent, and should be on ever college-bound student's "must read" (or at least, "must browse") list:

The 2012 College Planning Guide (Eleanor Roosevelt High School, New York, NY). If there ever was an "everything you need to know" college guidebook for high school students, this is it! Kudos to the ERHS Guidance crew.

e-Notes. Includes guides from colleges and information from current students.

My College Guide. A compendium of information on topics ranging from choosing a college that's right for you, to getting in, to actually finding the dough to pay for four or more years. [And when you're not asking The College Whisperer for advice, you can Ask The Guru!]

Student Advisor. A host of guide books on such essentials as admissions, dorm life, study abroard, FAFSA, scholarships and campus tours.

Information and invaluable resources at your fingertips, from "how to" to "why not?" And the very best part of these guides is that they are absolutely FREE!

Sure. There's much more in the way of great college resources out there, as well as in the pages of this blog. We don't want to overwhelm you, though. After all, you're just getting started!

You keep reading. We'll keep you "in the know!"

Of course, we've got your ultimate resource -- that Sherpa's Guide, so to speak -- right here at College Connection!

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