As if the college application and admissions process wasn't confusing and stressful enough! 

This year, the folks at Common App, home of the applications to nearly 500 colleges and universities, is changing things up, with the advent of Common App 4.0

Those of you who have been following The College Whisperer already know that there are new essay prompts, and gone is that mainstay of the personal statement, "A topic of your choice." 

There is also a 650 word limit on that essay, to be strictly enforced. 

So now, within the confines of the allotted word count, you will have to show those college admissions officers who you are, who you hope to become over the next four years, and what you will bring to the college campus. 

Okay. So the essay has changed, big time. But did you know that the new Common App portends other significant changes as well? 

Yes, aside from the revamp of the writing sectionthe application itself is changing, tweaked in so many ways. Themember supplements will take on a new look and flow. School forms will be different, for students as well as counselors. Why, even the manner --and order -- in which payment will be made changes. 

Yup, applying to college is getting a face-lift, and, very shortly, you will be among the first to see, and experience, the changes. From the obvious to the subtle. The ridiculous to the sublime. Common App boldly limps into a new century -- though not necessarily the 21st! 

Common App, that critical portal to college admissions, goes "live" on August 1. 

Will you be ready?

 Plan. Prepare. Prevail!

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