Build that Snowman yet?

Well, snow or no snow, this is the perfect time to begin to build your high school Resume, both on Naviance and on paper.

 While many college applications have an activities section, most are extremely limited in the number of activities you may list. [ Common App limits you to 10.]

That’s why it is so important to have a “paper” (Word Doc) Resume that may either be uploaded to your college application or sent under separate cover to Admissions.

Naviance allows you to add as many activities, extracurriculars, awards and honors, etc. as you may have accumulated since the 9th Grade, and well you should.

Why? Well, having a laundry list of activities, even if only a work in progress at this time, helps you sort out the “top 10” for your applications. Building the Resume may also help jog your memory as to all the wonderful things you’ve done since the 9th Grade.

Also, teachers and Guidance often use the Naviance Resume to write those crucial letters of recommendation and Guidance Reports. It’s all in the details. Don’t sell yourself short!

More than this, colleges that utilize Common App as their application will have access to certain parts of Naviance, including your Resume. Wouldn’t it be nice if they saw more than just the tip of the high school iceberg? 
You bet!

You will find the 
Naviance Resume building tool by logging on to your Naviance account, clicking on the About Me tab, and then clicking on Resume. Use the pull-down tab to select categories (i.e., academics, work, honors, volunteer experience, etc.).

Don’t worry about what you say or how that Resume may look at this point. [You can clean it up and make it oh so pretty before anyone else sees it!] Just enter everything and the kitchen sink. Edit and revise as you go forward.

As for that “paper” Resume, we’ll be glad to email a 
sample high school Resume for your perusal. Feel free to adapt as your own. Just write us at

Questions? Concerns? Hot cocoa? Call. Email. Text. Smoke signal. [Smoke signal rates may apply. 
smiley-foot-in-mouth.gif] As always, we are here to help! 

Call us at COLLEGE CONNECTION at 516-345-8766 with your questions or concerns about the college application and admissions process, financial aid, or anything college. We’ve got your back. And your best moves forward!

Plan. Prepare. PREVAIL!
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