Getting in to the college of your choice (yes, we'll help you do that) is one thing. Finding the money to pay for college can be quite another matter (and we'll help you there, as well)!

Most high school seniors -- at least the ones we work with -- understand that the bulk of scholarship (read as,
 FREE) money does not come from either the colleges or the government, but rather, from outside sources such as corporations, foundations, community-based organizations, and the like. And so, in Trolling for Dollars (you'll get to that during our scholarship sessions), we take you from Fastweb to Zinch (with many critical stops in between), showing you how to find method in the madness -- and the money you need to finance that sheepskin.

But what about high school juniors, sophomores, or even freshmen? Well, there are plenty of scholarship opportunities for those who look, and money for the asking for those who actually apply.

And now, there is even a website that will help high school students earn college scholarships for their achievements while in high school -- automatically!

Check out, a search engine that connects high school students with micro-scholarships offered through participating colleges for what students accomplish in high school.

Take a look at the FAQs, then sign up (that's free, too). Start earning money for college while you are still learning in high school. Early enough in the game to garner some big bucks, without the pressures and angst of senior year!

Now about saving for college. Are you contributing to a
 529 Plan?

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