Summer draws to a close, and college application season is now upon us.

Along with the usual angst and anxiety that accompanies the madness of the application and admissions process, the twists and turns, minefields and detours, you must be prepared for the unexpected.

Be forewarned that Murphy's Law ("whatever can go wrong, will go wrong") is in full force and effect!

But what could possibly go wrong? 

Famous last words...

Last year, it was the foibles and follies of Common App. Log in fails. Formatting funk. Supplements MIA. Payment and submission paralysis. The spinning wheel of death, supplanted only by the slithering bar of doom!

The year before that, it was Super Storm Sandy. No electricity. No gas for the car. No lights. No way to complete and submit those applications.

So, we say again: To be forewarned is to be prepared! Have a plan. Don't procrastinate. Get organized. Stay focused. Work those applications, essays, supplements. Have an admission strategy for the colleges that are "best" for you!

Don't wait until deadlines approach before realizing, "Hey, I have to apply to college!" Do not put off what you actually have time to do today. Do not pass Go. DO search and apply for those scholarships and collect $200.

This is your time, rising high school seniors. Do not squander the opportunity. Do not wait until tomorrow. And don't just get those college applications done. Get them done correctly, accurately, and in time -- no matter what the unexpected may be!

BE PREPARED! [In a good way...]
- - -
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