Yes, FAFSA! Required by every college, not only for student loans, Work-Study, and federal grants, but, in many instances, for institutional aid, including the colleges' own scholarships and merit awards!


FAFSA COMES EARLY FOR 2017-2018! Launch is October 1 of current year, rather than January 1 of next year.

Who must submit FAFSA?
 YOU must submit FAFSA!

Incoming freshmen/Current high school seniors.
 Complete and submit your first FAFSA for the 2017-18 school year on or after October 1, 2016*. [Suggestion: File FAFSA AFTER you submit your applications for admission.]

Those already in college. Graduate students. 
Complete and submit your FAFSA Renewal for the 2017-18 school year on or after October 1, 2016*. 

*The rules on FAFSA submission have changed. 
READ, FAFSA Is Changing: Count Your College Change

Can I File The FAFSA 
BEFORE October 1*? Which part of on or after October 1 did you not understand? 1/2 LOL 

If there is a tuition bill on the horizon, you MUST submit FAFSA.

FAFSA Deadlines.
 FAFSA should be submitted early -- meaning as soon as possible on or after October 1 for returning students, and once applications for those applying to college for Fall 2017 admission have been submitted), or before the college-specific deadline, whichever is first. Financial aid is often doled out on a first-come/first served basis. When the money is gone, it's gone. Be aware, as well, of both State and college-specific filing deadlines. NOTE: The federal DEADLINE for filing the 2017-18 FAFSA is June 30, 2018. State and college deadlines may be earlier.

Which Tax Return Do I Use For 2017-18?
 Your 2015 Federal Tax Return.

Do I Submit FAFSA Every Year?
 Absolutely! If you do not submit FAFSA, you risk leaving money -- very often, FREE money -- on the table.

NEW FOR 2016 - 
The FSA-ID. READ, Pins And Needles; FAFSA, No PINs All students -- new and returning -- MUST have an FSA-ID. [Two, actually. One for the student. One for a custodial parent.]

Sooooo Complicated. Who Can Help Us? 

Umm, Helloooooooo! 
That's what I'm here for. From choosing a college to paying for college, your "go-to" guy is here to help! Call me at 516-345-8766.

More Info, Please! 
Check out Edvisor's FREE Guide to Completing The FAFSADownload it. Read it. Then, CALL ME! 516-345-8766.

What About The 
CSS ProfileYes, if the colleges you have applied to require the Profile, submit it. [For students already in college, check to see if your school requires a new Profile each year. If so, submit it.] Be very careful with deadlines for the Profile. They crop up very early, particularly for those who apply Early Decision/Early Action. And, you bet, I can help with the Profile, as well. Call me. 516-345-8766.

Outside Scholarships? 
Yup, that's where the real FREE money is hidden, just waiting for you to get your sticky little fingers on it! Have you had your session for The Great Scholarship Search? Need a refresher? What are you waiting for? Call me - 516-345-8766.

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