Planning for college can be expensive. College Connection, Long Island's one-stop source for college planning, counseling and support, helps keep costs in check with its Referral Rewards Program. Earn credit toward FREE college counseling.

Now that the school year is underway, friends and classmates are starting to think about applying to college. Many have already started the process. Bravo!

At College Connection, we want to help you reduce the cost of college planning, while helping other students (and their parents) through the long and sometimes overwhelming journey to college admission.

How? Simple!

Just refer other students (classmates, friends, relatives, neighbors) to College Connection. Once they have completed at least one paid session in addition to the initial evaluation session, you will be credited $25 against your session fee or payment plan.

So, for example, if you refer 4 students who "sign up" and pay, you will receive a $100 credit ($25 x 4). Refer enough students, and your college planning sessions could be FREE!

Word of mouth is the best advertising, and College Connection's reputation in helping students and their parents successfully navigate the road to college speaks for itself. [Of course, we have references.]

Go ahead. Talk us up. Become a College Connection recruiter at your school, in your neighborhood, at the water cooler. Then reap the rewards of paid credits toward the best college planning east of the Hudson.

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