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To Do List:

Nag. Nag. Nag. Yup, it’s what we do! LOL

Here are a few things high school juniors should be working on as we move toward the Spring --

1. Naviance -- Begin building/updating your Resume (Under About Me);

2. Take the SAT and the ACT. Repeat the test on which you score higher, relatively;

3. Earn college scholarships for your achievements in high school;

4. Set up a dedicated email address, just for college stuff (i.e., Gmail);

5. Take a test drive on Common App. Set up an account. Have a look around. Add colleges and view supplements. [Don’t worry. Your account will be deleted in June. This is just for fun!]

6. Begin to explore college options. Check out colleges by interests, majors, geographic region, and more at Register and complete the profile. It’s FREE!]

7. Visit colleges - virtually. It’s almost like being there, except you can’t taste the fare in the dining halls or jump on the dorm room mattresses. Check out, and

8. Plan a vigorous courseload for next year and keep those grades up. ‘Nuf said...

9. Double up on Forbidden Chocolate ice cream. Believe me, it helps!

10. Relax. You’re going to get in to a college that’s the “best” fit for YOU!

Remember our motto when it comes to college: Plan. Prepare. PREVAIL!
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