The college application season approaches (and waits for no one)!

Just a brief, yet important, overview as to what high school juniors/rising seniors should be doing at this stage of the college admissions game (batteries sold separately):

1. Naviance - Build that Resume (in the About Me section). Every activity, in school and out; every award, honor, citation, and pat on the back; basically, anything you have done during waking hours from the 9th grade on. [Include senior year activities, etc., even if only planned at this time.]

2. College Search - Register and complete the profile at Plug in as much info as possible about your interests (academic and otherwise), college characteristics (size, location, housing, etc.), and a list of colleges that would be a good fit, based on the criteria you enter, will be presented. [You may also click on the What Are My Chances tab to get a sense (not etched in stone) of whether you are on target for any particular school based on prior years' admissions.] Check out, as well, and The Big Future, for guidance in honing in on and, eventually, narrowing down your college choices.

3. Common App - Create an account and have a look around. Being familiar with Common App and it's processes will be invaluable once the online platform for 2015-16 goes "live" (if you can call that life) on August 1. [Remember, any account you set up now will be wiped out before August 1. You will start your actual application with a clean slate.]

4. Scholarships - Register and complete all profiles (student and parent) at Then, search for scholarships, watch for and read emails, and apply, apply, APPLY! There are literally hundreds of scholarship opportunities out there. Take advantage of FREE money! [Have you applied, for instance, for the $2000 No Essay Required Scholarship this month? If not, do so today. And apply again next month, and the month after that!]

5. Teacher Recommendations - Remember to speak with the teachers you would like to write your recommendation letters before classes end in June. They will write letters in the fall, but you should line them up, asking them nicely, now.

6. The Essay - Start an outline on your intended topic (or at least a list of possible topics). Consider, if you will, the Common App essay prompts for 2015-16. If you've already committed something to paper (or to a Word Doc), share it with your parents, English teacher, and college counselor. And remember, it's only an essay!

7. Take A Virtual Tour - Yes, you can visit colleges you may be interested in without ever having to get out of your pajamas! Check out these websites:

8. Keep Guidance In The Loop. Meet with your Guidance Counselor regularly to discuss college plans, high school requirements, scholarship opportunities, etc. Remember, your school counselor will be writing that all-important Guidance Report, so familiarity is a good thing!

9. Read my Top Ten List. [Okay, so I'm not Letterman... :-)]

10. Follow us on Twitter @GetCollege for college insights and occasional incites, as well as the latest musings on college admissions, scholarships, student loans, campus life, and just about everything else you'll need to know about getting in and getting through!

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