Glitches continue to plague, the private, not-for-profit web portal millions of high school students rely upon to access applications to more than 500 colleges and universities. [READ, Common App Glitches Frustrate Students...]

At the same time,, the government website intended to give millions of Americans access to affordable health insurance exchanges, has been crippled by glitches. [SEE, Who's Fixing]

Both sites compete for the dubious distinction of Worst Online Interface Ever, misadventures in navigation surpassed only by the voyage of the Titanic and the flight of Wrong Way Corrigan

Which website, or, has proven the least navigable and most dysfunctional?

Well, it's hard to say. We do note, however, that several students attempting to apply to the University of Michigan inadvertently signed up for MedicaidGo figure! :-)
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ATTENTION HIGH SCHOOL SENIORS: Don't sign up for Medicaid!
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