College scholarships. Read as, FREE money for college!

You’ve read about them. You’ve heard about them. You may even get emails, texts, and Tweets to apply for them. But what are you doing to actually get a college scholarship -- or two, or three, or four?

In all likelihood, not much, if anything at all.

“Oh, no one every wins those.” “You have to be poor to get a scholarship.” “Too much work.” “Wait. There are scholarships?”

You’ve heard the excuses. And no, it may not be easy, quick, or without frustration to search and actually apply for scholarships. No one can guarantee that you will walk away with a free ride to college. We can promise you this, however -- If you don’t apply for scholarships, you won’t get a penny for college!

All in favor of student debt raise their hands! What? No takers? We didn’t think so.

So, what do you need to do if you want to pay for college without paying off loans for the rest of your life? You search for those college scholarships, and APPLY, APPLY, APPLY!

Yes, NOW is the best time to start applying for those college scholarships (actually, it was yesterday). And going all out for that free moolah -- the dough, bitcoin, cold, hard cash -- isn’t just for high school seniors aspiring to be rising college freshmen. No sir! If you are in college, with yet another ghastly tuition bill on the horizon, you need to go for the gold. Still in high school, with Common App not even a tear in your eye? There are plenty of college scholarship opportunities for you, as well.

SCHOLARSHIPS! The money you never have to pay back! But where to begin?

A great place to start is fastweb. Let's call that your base. Register. [Be sure to write down your Username and Password, for this and every site that has a login.] Complete the profiles. [Student and parent.] Search. Apply. Repeat.

Then, once you’ve exhausted your inventory of scholarship opportunities on that site (as well as through the emails you will receive), begin to mine the wealth hidden in some of those other noteworthy scholarship search engines -- NicheCollegeCappex, Zinch (to mention but a few).

Still itching for more? Have a go at, ScholarshipAmerica and StudentAidPlus.

High School Students: Sign up at Raise.Me, for scholarships awarded for what you do while still in high school.

All Students: Have you entered the NicheCollege (formerly College Prowler) monthly $2,000 No Essay Required Scholarship? What are you waiting for? Enter today and every month!

And don’t forget our very own REFER A STUDENT $500 SWEEPSTAKES. Simply refer a student (or parent of a student) to College Connection, and be entered to win $500 in a random drawing to be held on or about March 15. The more students you refer, the more chances you have to win.

Be sure to follow College Connection on Twitter @GetCollege for the latest info and insights into everything college. From choosing colleges that are the perfect fit, to helping you get in and finding the money to pay for it all, we’ve got your back -- and your best moves forward!

Remember, there is money -- FREE money -- for college, literally at your finger tips. Scholarships you can enter (some monthly, weekly, or even daily) -- and win. So don’t just sit there. GO AND GET ‘EM!

P.S. Still haven’t completed or renewed your FAFSA? Do it TODAY! Every college requires FAFSA. Some use it to award merit scholarships as well as need-based aid. You must renew FAFSA every year. FAFSA is FREE. Just Do It!

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Plan. Prepare. PREVAIL!

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