Annual Shut Down

The 2012-13 Common App Online will close at 11:59:59 PM Eastern Time on Friday, July 12. Students interested in applying to Common App member schools with rolling deadlines after July 12 can submit a paper application by mail. Counselors who need to complete Final Reports after July 12 should also submit by mail. The Common App Online will re-launch on August 1, 2013 for the 2013-14 application season.

 Applicant data from the current year will not carry over into next year's system.  Students who wish to retain a copy of their 2012-13 application should use the Preview function to download a .pdf version.


Members Still Accepting Applications

Several Common App member institutions are still accepting applications for Fall 2013 enrollment. To help your undecided seniors identify the best college match, simply use our Advanced Search, which allows you to search for members based on various criteria, including deadline.

CA4: First Look. The documents below provide high-level explanations of changes we'll be introducing in CA4. Future resources will explain all features and processes in greater detail.

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