In the grand quest to find the college that's the right fit for you, to gain a foothold (if not the upper hand) in the application and admissions process, to develop that winning college essay, and, once accepted, to find the money to pay for it all, who would be best suited to guide, coach and de-stress students and parents alike -- the Long Island Medium or The College Whisperer?

We asked a panel of experts, comprised of noted academics, intellectuals, rocket scientists, and the intern from the local bagel store, to compare and contrast the Long Island Medium (Theresa Caputo) with The College Whisperer (Long Island's own Seth Bykofsky), on their respective abilities to help navigate the long and sometimes treacherous road to college admission success.

And so, without further ado, we present, sans commercial interruption, Long Island Medium vs. The College Whisperer:

Long Island Medium: A Medium (Duh!)
The College Whisperer: Sometimes a Medium, but more often these days, with the universe ever-expanding, a Large

Long Island Medium: Communicates with spirits, receiving information from worlds beyond the physical realm
The College Whisperer: Communicates with college-bound students and their parents, receiving and transmitting information about the college application and admissions process, choosing that perfect college, creating a strategy to improve the chances of getting in, and finding scholarship opportunities to help pay for all four (or more) years

Long Island Medium: Writing a book. [$15.30 at Barnes & Noble.]
The College Whisperer: Writes a blog. [It's FREE, always!]

Long Island Medium: On a whirlwind tour of over 30 (count 'em) cities. [Tickets start at $39.]
The College Whisperer: Touring local libraries, civic centers, and community forums on Long Island, offering FREE College Planning Workshops. Mentoring and coaching students in-person and via the world wide web by way of College Connection, Official Sponsor of College Admission Success, with customized plans for every student and any budget.

Long Island Medium: What a hair-do!
The College Whisperer: Happy to still have some hair!

Long Island Medium: Connects with people who have "crossed over"
The College Whisperer: Connects with people who are preparing for one of the greatest adventures of their lives -- college

Long Island Medium: Sees dead people (Okay. Maybe she only hears from their spirits)
The College Whisperer: Sees, listens to, and communes with the living on the experience of applying and getting in to college, giving encouragement, passing along words of wisdom, and raising spirits

Long Island Medium: Conveys messages from those who have passed to the other side, giving peace of mind to those who remain with us
The College Whisperer: Conveys messages of hope to those whose right of passage includes the SAT and/or ACT, giving peace of mind to everyone on that wonderful journey to college

Long Island Medium: On Twitter @TheresaCaputo
The College Whisperer: On Twitter @GetCollege

Long Island Medium: Validates the belief that the soul lives on
The College Whisperer: Validates the belief of students that they will get in to a college that is perfect for them, where they will grow, develop, thrive and have the time of their lives

Long Island Medium: It's all about the departed
The College Whisperer: It's all about the future - YOURS!

Long Island Medium: Soon to have a line of merchandise (zombies sold separately?)
The College Whisperer: Has a wealth of knowledge and a treasure trove of resources available for the asking, from how to choose the best college for you, to what makes an engaging essay and captivating application, to how to find and apply for those college scholarships and properly complete and submit the FAFSA

Long Island Medium: Reach out to her HERE
The College Whisperer: Get in touch HERE

Long Island Medium: Has a Fan Club [$19.99 to join]
The College Whisperer: Has a Facebook page [free to view], where you can Like him

Long Island Medium: Changing lives by channeling yesterday's memories
The College Whisperer: Changing lives by helping the college-bound create tomorrow's memories

So there you have it, folks! The votes are in. Our panel of experts (and 3 out of 4 dentists) agree. When it comes to planning for college, applying to college, getting in to college, and paying for college, the Long Island Medium can't hold a candle (or was that a séance?) to The College Whisperer
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