No, not a 
distress call. [Though there were many, throughout the college application and admissions season, from students and parents alike.] Not International Workers’ Day. [Though we do celebrate the labors of the college-bound in their studies and pursuits which have taken them to the ivy-covered gates.] Not Beltane, the ancient Celtic feast ushering in summer. [Though what student doesn’t look forward to those lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer?] 

May 1
 is, indeed, May Day -- with a unique meaning to all of those who spent many a month applying to colleges and are now preparing to enroll in the colleges of their choice. National College Decision Day! 

Yes, May 1 is the deadline for students to notify colleges that they are coming in the fall (or later, if admission has been deferred). 

Aside from giving the 
YEA and a great big thumbs up to your college of choice, here are a few other things you should be doing: 

1. Let the colleges that will NOT be graced by your presence know that you will NOT be coming. Common courtesy. Free up a space for someone on that Waitlist. 

2. Make all required deposits and complete/submit any and all school-specific forms. Enrollment. Housing. Financial Aid. Meal plans. Typically, this can be done via the website of the college you will be attending. [Online payments may be made by credit card.] 

3. Let Guidance know where you will be enrolling so they may send your final transcript (as well as kvell in your accomplishment). [And while you’re at it, update your status in Naviance under 
Colleges I’m Applying To.] 

4. If you took college level courses for which you earned or are earning college credit (through programs offered by local colleges such as Adelphi, Molloy, St. Johns, C.W. Post and Stony Brook, or colleges afar, such as Syracuse or the University of Guam), request an OFFICIAL transcript be sent from that college to the college you will be attending. [If you are currently taking such courses, do not worry. Request a transcript 
after the course has been completed and your grade has been submitted.] 

5. If you are eligible for AP credit based on your Advanced Placement scores, log on to College Board and send your scores to the college you will be attending. Wait until you have all scores to do this. [Yes, College Board charges for this service. Did you think they wouldn’t? :-)] 

6. Write and send thank you notes to those who wrote letters of recommendation on your behalf or have otherwise helped you along the way. And be sure to give a ginormous hug to your parents, siblings and pet hamster for putting up with you during the college application process! 

7. Update your FAFSA application (and, if you will be attending a college in New York State, public or private, your TAP application) to conform to your 2014 income tax returns. [Provide verification if requested by the school.] 

8. Continue to search and apply for college scholarships. It’s not too late, and it’s never over until that last tuition bill is paid! 

You made it. You’re in. The long journey to college is over. That fabulous adventure through college is about to begin! 
- - -
Plan. Prepare. Prevail! 
* * * 
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