Applying to college for the fall of 2015? YOU NEED TO SUBMIT FAFSA! [FAFSA, the Free Application for Federal Student Aid, can be completed and submitted on or after January 1.]

Already in college and planning to attend college or grad school in the fall of 2015?
YOU NEED TO SUBMIT FAFSA! [Yes, FAFSA MUST be submitted each year for the following school year.]

Been awarded a scholarship from a college or want to apply for scholarships offered by a college? YOU NEED TO SUBMIT FAFSA!

Vying for merit aid or looking for need-based aid? YOU NEED TO SUBMIT FAFSA!

Simply put, when it comes to getting money for college, YOU NEED TO SUBMIT FAFSA!

If you need money for college -- whether institutional scholarships, grants, Work-Study or Direct Student (Stafford) loans -- you MUST submit a complete, accurate and timely FAFSA. [This is in addition to other financial aid forms, such as college-specific forms and/or CSS Profile, as may be required by your particular college.]

Don't miss out on money for college. File your FAFSA in January! [And remember, that's (as in FREE). NOT (as in NOT free)!]
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Plan. Prepare. Prevail!
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