While the dates to apply Early Action to a few colleges (UNC-Chapel Hill, Georgia Tech - both extended to 10/21) may have passed, most are yet to come (typically, November 1 - December 15), and quite a few deadlines have been or are likely to be extended as a result of the continuing Common App fiasco. [Check college websites for actual deadline dates and extensions, if any.]

So, if you can get your applications ready (not just done, but complete, accurate, and showing you at your scholastic best, and otherwise), consider giving yourself the competitive edge by applying Early Action.

READ, Early Action Is The New Regular Decision.

Even if you are too late for Early Action, not to worry. There's plenty of time to submit college applications to schools with Regular Decision (in some instances, there's Early Action II, whatever the heck that is :-), and Rolling Admissions will take you into next year (or until all seats in the Freshman class are filled, whichever comes first).

Don't wait until the last minute, though. Anticipate glitches in online applications, and remember, the sooner you get your application in, the greater the likelihood of a favorable response from the college(s) of your choice!

When college applications (and the Common App) get to you, YOU NEED TO GET TO US
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