COLLEGE CONNECTION VOTED "BEST COLLEGE PLANNER & COUNSELOR OF THE NORTH SHORE." [Of course, our students, and their parents, already knew that! SEE, What They're Saying]

How do you like that? For the second year running, College Connection, home of The College Whisperer , is tops in the category of "College Planning & Counseling," in  Blank Slate Media's Best of The North Shore (Long Island) 2016.

Who's the best college planner and counselor on the north shore? C'est Moi! 

Okay. We know. These "best of" deals in the local newspapers are little more than popularity contests. We value the opinions of our clients all the more, when they say we're the best!

And sure, "best of" anything, be it a college, a restaurant, a bagel. or a potato chip dip, is not only entirely subjective; it's a ranking. And you know what we think about rankings


So, here we are. Simply the BEST! And, well, why the heck not?

For those who think this altogether self-serving... It is! Just remember, boys and girls, ladies and germs -- If you don't toot your own horn, no one else will!

Why is College Connection the very best in college planning and counseling? Why? That's Easy. WE MAKE COLLEGE ADMISSIONS GREAT AGAIN! :-)
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Plan. Prepare. Prevail! 

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