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My son will be a high school senior this fall. He's an A student and is considering taking several AP courses, as recommended by his guidance counselor. Are AP courses really worth the extra time, work and effort?

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To paraphrase the GEICO commercial, Does Elmer Fudd really have trouble with the letter "R"?

AP -- Advanced Placement -- courses do a whole lot more than set the stage for college, preparing young minds for the rigors and challenges of university study.

They tell college admission officers that the student is serious about his studies, and is capable of undertaking -- and, hopefully, excelling in -- college-level work.

Do well on the AP exams and you could receive college credit, which may serve to accelerate earning that college degree, save you money you would otherwise pay for college credit, and free up the schedule for electives or a lighter load of courses (as in that semester of organic chem or when pledging for that Fraternity ;-).

Taking college-level courses while still in high school through AP or local colleges that offer high school programs, or both) may also give one insight into prospective majors, minors, or particular courses of study.

For those who view the senior year of high school (or all four years of college, for that matter), as party central, doubtful AP courses would be in the mix, or even in the offing. For the serious college-bound student, however, Advanced Placement offers an opportunity which should be pursued. A challenge most worthy of the work, time and effort.

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