If you haven't started looking for money to pay for college (assuming that tree you planted in the backyard last spring has yet to bear fruit), now is definitely the time.

The following websites are great places to start:

Be sure you complete the profiles in each scholarship search engine, and then search and apply for all scholarships you may qualify for. Check for new scholarship opportunities regularly. Read all e-mails carefully. And keep at it, religiously.

Whether you are applying to college or are already in college, assuming you need to pay your way, in whole or in part, it's go time on the scholarship front!

Also, a reminder that many colleges require the completion/submission of the online CSS Profile in order to consider eligibility for a financial aid award, including scholarships, grants, work-study and federal loans. This is for new students (Fall 2011 Freshman) as well as returning students (you do realize you have to pay again for Sophomore, Junior and Senior years, right? ;-).

You can check HERE to see if the colleges you have applied to, are planning on applying to, or are currently attending are on the list of CSS Profile schools. [Do check with the school's Financial Aid Office, if you are already in college, for required filings, submissions and deadline dates.]

For those now applying for admission, the CSS Profile should be carefully and fully completed and submitted as soon as possible after you submit your application. [The CSS Profile is IN ADDITION TO the FAFSA, which can be filed beginning January 1, 2011.]

If all (or any) of this seems confusing, you can call us at COLLEGE CONNECTION. 516-345-8766. We're always here to help you not only navigate the road to (and through) college, but also to find the money to pay the tolls along the way!