Nowadays, it seems as though there's an App for almost everything. Shopping. Banking. Restaurants. You name it.

So, it should come as no surprise that, in addition to those Apps that help you search for colleges (among them, College Confidential), there are Apps that let you find, match, save and share college scholarships. Why, there's even an App to help you find parking on campus! [Clearly, they never looked for parking at Queens College. :-)

For anyone who visits the Apple Store online, or iTunes, a simple search under "college" reveals dozens of Apps for the asking, many of them absolutely free. Of course, you often get what you pay for, but still, who could argue with free? [Not to worry, Android fans. Google Apps has colleges covered as well.]

One of the college scholarship Apps that recently caught our eye (or was it, thumbs?) is the StudentAdvisor Scholarship App, brought to you by the folks at The Washington Post. A venerable and reliable source, indeed.

The App gives entree to hundreds of scholarships, and allows you to access, save and share links to scholarship opportunities. Of course, the App has its drawbacks. Just try, for instance, to write a scholarship essay on your iPhone!]

Granted, there's nothing you can't find through one of the many online college scholarship search engines (try Fastweb, MeritAid, CollegeProwler and Zinch, to name but a few), but literally having a scholarship search tool at hand may well give students the incentive (as if getting cold, hard cash for college isn't incentive enough) to actually look and apply for scholarships.

Besides, now when your mother tells you to ditch the iPhone at the dinner table, you've got an excuse (lame as it may be) to keep it nearby -- Gee, mom. I'm searching for college scholarships! Good luck with that.

Download the StudentAdvisor Scholarship App for iPhone and iPad at iTunes. Have some fun with it. Get a jump on those college scholarships, or get an "iTold you so" from The College Whisperer!

Plan. Prepare. Prevail!

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