Wow, another school year begins. [Where did the summer go?]

That means a full and hopefully rigorous courseload for high school seniors, aside from dealing with the trials and trbulations of the college application and admissions process.

Yes, senior year is a whole lot more than planning for prom and putting together that high school yearbook. After all, colleges to which you will apply shall see what courses you are taking, your mid-year grades, and the activities you're engaged in this year BEFORE they make a decision on your application.

Are you building that Resume? Working Naviance? Completing the Common App? Planning an admission strategy to give you the competitive edge at gaining entry to the colleges that are "best" for you?

So no slacking off or slowing down (except when driving near schools, particularly in Nassau County, NY, where "speed cameras" are now operational on roadways near and around many schools).

And high school juniors, this is your time to shine -- and to prepare for the journey to college that lies ahead. Steady as she goes. Max out those grades. Plan your rigorous courseload for senior year. Take the ACT and the SAT once (repeating the test you score higher on). Sign up for college credit courses offered on the high school campus by local colleges (most colleges prefer these to the AP tests, believe it or not).

For seniors, juniors, and even sophs and frosh, now is the time to buckle down. As it is for searching and applying for college scholarships from outside sources. Scholarships are NOT just for high school seniors, after all!

CHECK OUT our College Planning Timeline to see what you should be doing and when!

Speaking of scholarships, if this is September, it must be time to apply for the $2000 No Essay Required Scholarship. Easy as filling out a form!

School is open. There's much work to be done.
Let's get to it!
- - -
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