Our good friend and most knowledgeable colleague, Randy Levin of WriteToCollege.com will be offering FREE (yes, we said FREE) workshops on writing that perfect college essay.

Believe me, The College Whisperer™, in the scheme of what's critical in the college application and admissions process, the college essay is right up there with the Common App and FAFSA. And when it comes to what to write on those college essays, and how to write it, few people can put it all together like Randy Levin. He's bright. He's innovative. He's got a great sense of humor and a fantastic sense of perspective. In short, he gets the college essay and the college-bound student.

For just the tip of the iceberg of what Randy has to offer on the college essay application front, check out his latest YouTube video. And to see Randy live (or as close as he can come to it :-) and in person, make note of his appearance at a public library near you:

May 16 – Merrick Library (Long Island)

May 21 – Harborfields Library (Long Island)

May 22-  Rockville Centre Library (Long Island) 

July 22 -  Bernardsville Library (NJ)  

Sept 17- Mount Pleasant (Westchester)

Sept 18 – Manhasset Library (Long Island)

Sept 23 – Bellmore Library (Long Island)

Sept 24 – Jericho Library (Long Island)

Sept 26 – Avon Library (CT)  

Oct 3 – Oceanside Library (Long Island)

Oct 7 – Maplewood Library (NJ)

Oct 10 – Leonia Library (NJ)

Oct 28 – Wantagh Library (Long Island)

For the particulars, contact Randy Levin at  917-450-9495 or by email at randylevin11@gmail.com. And be sure to tell him The College Whisperer sent you. [I don't get a kickback or a commission, but I do get a chuckle when he rolls his eyes and says, "Oh, did they release him from the asylum already?" Hey, it's always nice to help out a friend! ;-)]

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