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As Seen On Common App's Facebook Timeline...

Posted by College Connection on Tuesday, September 24, 2013, In : College Applications 

Not that we would have this blog become a diatribe against the Common App, but we couldn't help chuckle out loud when we read the following on Common App's Facebook timeline:

"APPLICANTS: Do not try to trick the system into letting you create two accounts. If you succeed, you have no idea of the potential mess that awaits you: confused colleges, confused counselors and teachers, mismatched records, incomplete applications....and that's just the beginning. For your own good, please don't go dow...
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No Stone Unturned

Posted by College Connection on Monday, August 13, 2012, In : College Planning 

Just the other day, The College Whisperer -- also known as "Current Occupant" in certain postal circles, received a piece of unsolicited mail. Not email, mind you, but actual snail mail, at bulk rate, no less.

Keeping with my practice of opening every piece of mail that crosses my desk -- and actually reading it -- I sliced off the top of the envelope and pulled out what I soon realized was an invitation to take a survey. Innocuous, and otherwise destined for the circular file, until I saw, tu...

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