No. Not which college or university to apply to, or, ultimately, which school to attend. [Though the former (application) is certainly on the minds of many a high school senior this month, with the latter (admission) the desired goal. We're talking about the blog -- The Choice at The New York Times.

The College Whisperer tips his cap (tassel sold separately) to the writers and editors at The Choice, who truly do their part (as we do ours) in "Demystifying College Admissions and Aid."

Today, we are delighted to pass along some thoughts -- and advice -- on surviving, if not enjoying, perhaps the busiest (and one of the most stressful) months in the college admissions process.

Take a look at Not the Cruelest Month on the Admissions Calendar, but a Hectic One, then give us a call at College Connection.

Helping kids get into college. De-stressing parents along the way. It's what we do!

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