Ahh. To swim like a salmon upstream at the Long Island College Fair. The huddled masses yearning to speak with a college admissions rep. The glazed and bewildered look in the eyes of confused and weary parents. The lines at the booths of the most popular colleges, where high school students stand six deep waiting their turn to get information otherwise available to them with the click of a mouse from their laptops (from the comfort of their homes, while still dressed in their PJs). And, of course, the folks from College Board, not missing any opportunity to hawk their books on the SAT, college searches, and financial aid. [Imagine that. Paying for a book on how to get money for college. Oh, the irony!]

Anyway, the college Fair is behind us now, but a memory of the crowds, the crumbling Nassau Coliseum, and the $10 fee for the privilege to park for a free college fair.

So, as you wake up the morning after, does it all seem so much clearer now? Or, like most students and their parental units, are you more confused and overwhelmed than ever?

Well, if the College Fair left you wanting for more, there is still much more in the way of guidance and support for the college bound.

If you never bothered to pick up a copy of the College Conference Manual from your guidance office before the Fair, you can -- and should -- do so now, reading through the many articles designed to enlighten and illuminate on everything from applications to admissions, financial aid to FAFSA submission.

You may -- and you should -- read the digital version of the COLLEGE CONFERENCE MANUAL right here.

Find detailed information on the following critical issues right at your fingertips:

Choosing the Right College -- Pages 44, 67

Year-by-Year Preparation Checklist -- Page 50

Myths and Realities About Paying for College -- Page 56

Everything You Need to Know (well, almost) About the Financial Aid Process -- Pages 61-64, 66

Hints for Your College Interview -- Page 65

And last, but by no means least, all the reasons you should seek out guidance and support from COLLEGE CONNECTION, the official sponsor of college admissions success -- Page 59

Yes, the College Fair -- at least, the Long Island College Fair -- may be history, but the journey down the road to college admissions success is just getting started!

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