With the deadlines for applications (most colleges) -- many as early as December 1 for Regular Admission, Fall 2011 -- fast approaching, it's crunch time for most college-bound high school seniors.

Presuming you have not already conquered the Common App, Universal App, or your intended college of choice proprietary app, you should be working, diligently, on writing and tweaking personal statements and supplemental essays, accurately and completely filling in the blanks on each application and supplement, developing and implementing a comprehensive admission strategy among schools that are both "safe" and "reach," and, of course, seeking out money (you'll need lots of it) to pay for college, via scholarships, grants, and other means of financial aid (these, too, have deadlines that must be heeded). [And don't forget about completion and online submission of the CSS Profile for those schools that require same for consideration of financial aid; requesting those required letters of recommendation, school reports, and high school transcripts; and sending your ACT/SAT scores to colleges to which you apply (mindful, yet again, of pending deadlines).]

Time grows short for getting it all done -- let alone, getting it all done correctly -- especially if you're still undecided on where to apply and how to navigate the complex, and too often daunting, application and admission process.

With college admission more selective than ever, and the competition, particularly for students in the northeast, exceptionally keen, you need to put not only your best foot forward, but to position yourself -- and with a bit of expert assistance, you can -- so when that foot gets in the door, that door actually opens for you!

Here's what your College Connection counselor, working with you, one on one, can provide:

       ·         A comprehensive college plan customized to student’s needs and goals

       ·         Individualized personal consultations (includes in-person, telephone and online)

       ·         Unlimited e-mail access to your personal college counselor

       ·         Unlimited telephone access to your personal college counselor

       ·         Review of academic records, standardized scores, and extra-curriculars

       ·         Synthesis of a college/student matching profile

       ·         Essay brainstorming sessions

       ·         Editing of application personal statements

       ·         Creation and editing of the high school résumé

       ·         Editing of supplemental essays

       ·         Review and enhancement of applications
       ·         Proofing of all applications, supplements, essays and addenda

       ·         Assistance with submission of Applications, supplements and payments

       ·         Advice and action plan on scholarship, grant and financial aid sourcing

       ·         Assistance with completion and filing of College Profile and/or FAFSA

       ·         Recommendations and practice for college interviews

       ·         Help with making final choice when decision letters are received

·         Review and analysis of financial aid awards

Yes, help is but a phone call away! 516-345-8766

At College Connection, we make it our business to help get kids into college. Empowering students. Bringing peace of mind to parents. After all, it's what we do!

So, don't travel the road to college alone, unaware of the dangerous curves, damaging potholes, and seemingly endless detours that could impede your arrival at the college gates. Let College Connection help you navigate that road to college admission success!

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