Yes, school is out. HOORAY!

But before (or after) you hit the beach -- or the slopes -- here are a few things “To Do” during the break:

1. High school Seniors: Put the finishing touches on those college applications still waiting to be submitted, and, by all means, SUBMIT! [Be aware of those deadlines. They mean it!]

2. Follow up on submitted applications (most colleges have Application Trackers on their web portals) to make certain they are complete. [Transcripts, letters of recommendation, Guidance Reports, test scores, as required.]

3. Deferred from a college you applied you? Read, Deferred Is Not Denied. You are still in the running. [Do consider, however, other college acceptances. After all, wouldn’t you want to go to a college that wants you from the get go, and not one that can’t make up its mind!]

4. For you high school juniors, start building your resumes on Naviance. [Yes, it is important!]

5. Search and apply for college scholarships. College students. High school seniors. Juniors. Sophs. Even Freshmen. Accumulate FREE money for college, NOT student debt! [Read, Turn Winter Break Into Money For College.]

6. Complete and submit any and all required financial aid forms. [Check the financial aid page on the college website(s).] Be mindful of deadlines.

7. Come January, prepare and submit the FAFSAALL COLLEGES REQUIRE FAFSA. Many use FAFSA as the application for merit aid and internal scholarships. [Returning college students MUST renew FAFSA to continue to get aid, including certain grants, Work-Study, and federal student loans.]

9. Last, but certainly not least, relax and enjoy! That’s what winter break is all about.

Questions? Concerns? Holiday cookies? Call. Text. Email. Smoke signal (smoke signal rates may apply ). At COLLEGE CONNECTION, we are always here to help!

Wishing you the very best for the holidays, and a happy, healthy, and peaceful new year!

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