Yes, The College Whisperer said, FREE -- as in gratis, no cost, complimentary, on the house. In other words, FREE!

What could possibly be offered for FREE, you ask?

College Planning Workshops, absolutely FREE for churches, temples, synagogues, religious and fraternal groups, and other not-for-profit (though you will, by attending a workshop) organizations.

From finding the perfect match of student to college to finding the money to pay for that match, we'll take you through the winding and seemingly endless road from application to admission, Common App to uncommon ways to locate (and win) scholarships and grants. Help -- and all of it FREE -- to navigate the road to college!

Want to host a FREE College Planning Workshop at your house of worship, for your community group, or for the benefit of the members of your not-for-profit organization? Who wouldn't?

Call College Connection today at 516-345-8766 for more information, and to schedule a FREE -- yes, we said FREE -- College Planning Workshop!

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