As we stare down the barrel of yet another college application and admissions season [where does the time fly?], The College Whisperer asks the age-old question: Who's Got Your Back?

Yes, who is looking out for you on that long, winding, sometimes treacherous, and too often nerve-wracking road to college? Well, let's see.

College Board? Sorry. The folks who would have you take a test to get in to the shower may say they're looking out for your best interests (after all, to say otherwise might jeopardize their not-for-profit status), but are they? In reality, there's only one thing College Board is looking for -- your wallet. 

Common App? Really? If this past year's foray into online college applications is any indication, Common Appers have enough problems of their own. Getting their pants on, let alone zipping the fly, is difficult enough for the brain trust at Common App. Don't expect any help, other than patently obfuscated lip service, from them!

Naviance, perhaps? Ha! How many times do you have to reinvent your Resume, for goodness sake? 

"How To" Books? You know. The hundreds of books that would hold the key on "How To" write an essay, "How To" get in to your top choice school, and "How To" pay for college without going broke. In other words, "How To" make the authors and publishers rich, and you, well, none the wiser. Read the self-help books at Barnes & Nobles or on your Kindle, if this makes you happy. Otherwise, no.

Application Boot Camps? They're always looking for a few, good boys and girls. Looking out for you? Not so much!

Fortune Tellers? Sorry. My crystal ball broke just before the last Power Ball drawing. You simply cannot rely on those rabbits' feet, psychics, or lucky charms to either get you in to college or find the bucks to pay for it.

The Talking Heads? Bloggers. Tweeters. Texters. Podcasters. That constant barrage of hashtag infused gobbly-goop, repeated every hour on the half hour? [Okay. The College Whisperer stands among those who Tweet, Blog, email and text. Mea Culpa.] There's lots of great stuff out there on the Internet. Plenty of folks who, like yours truly, really do have your back. The trick here is to separate the wheat from the chaff. Finding that which gets you in, rather than that which gets you lost!

Guidance Counselors? Yes. You are finally getting warm. Your Guidance Counselor not only has your back, s/he has the resources, the know-how, the experience, and the gumption to not only guide you through what has become (though unnecessarily so) a complicated maze of tests, applications, websites, college visits, and decisions that would spin the head of good old Albert Einstein. Get to know your Guidance Counselor. Become familiar with the Guidance office. [You should at least know where the heck it is! :-)] Take advantage of the expertise and readily available help that's right down the hall.  

Your Parents? Now you're cooking with gas! Parents, indeed. Sure, they can get under your skin sometimes. Those nagging questions. The hovering. The insistence that you start thinking about college the minute you leave the womb. The "did you do your homework?," "eat your veggies," "make your bed," and "have you thought about your college essay?" Yeah. That kinda parent... Believe it or not, they are the ones who care most about you, your future, your interests, your concerns, and, yes, your college education. And, oh, did we mention -- typically, these are the folks, those cranky, "what do they know," "can't figure out how to send a selfie," parental units who will be footing the bills for the next four or more years. So, keep them in the loop. Ask questions. Seek advice. Sometimes, just sometimes, they actually know what they're talking about. No one has your back like Mom and Dad!

So there you have it, in a nutshell. Keeping in mind those who have your back, willing to lend a helpful hand or a compassionate ear, able to provide useful and accurate information and advice, without judgment or recrimination, allaying fears and concerns, a salve to the occasional sorrows, partners, sharing in the joys of your victories, big and small, as you successfully wend your way to college!
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