High school junior? Sophomore? Even freshman? Why wait until you're a rising senior to start your college applications? With the new "Rollover" of the Common Application (see, you can teach an old dog new tricks), students may start the common aspects of the Common App (just not the supplements), and data will be saved and carried over from the 2015-16 application to the 2016-17 application. [And, at least in theory, to subsequent years.] No more "wipeout" of data prior to the Common App going live on August 1 of any given year. Start your applications at your leisure. Explore. Gather info. Take your time. Get it right!

READ, Juniors, Start Your Common App NOW!

So, too, is this a great time to begin building your Resume on Naviance (in the About Me section, under the link appropriately labeled, Resume). If your school uses Naviance, and you have a Naviance account, use this time to your advantage. [Remember to enter everything you've done, in and out of school, from academics to extracurriculars to community service, from the 9th grade on.] This will be a great help when the time comes to select your "top 10" activities on your college applications.

Also, take the time to create a professional looking high school Resume. [A sample high school Resume is available upon request.] Looks a heck of a lot better than that activity sheet, and is impressive to those admissions officers who will see that you went the extra mile.Last, but by no means least, start your search for those all-important college scholarships. [Fastweb is a great place to begin, and yes, there are scholarships available to high school juniors, sophomores, and freshmen.] Once you've found scholarships that you qualify for, apply, apply, APPLY!

Questions about the journey to -- and through -- college? Call, email, text, tweet, or send a smoke signal (smoke signal rates may apply :-). We are always here to help!
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