You're a high school senior, about to graduate, and the Common App is about as uncommon to you as 365 consecutive days of sunshine are to the rain forest.

Somehow, for reasons only known to, um, well, who knows -- you are just now starting down that long and winding road that leads to the ivy-covered gates known as college. Game Over, or good things come to those who wait?

As The Choice, The New York Times' informative college admissions blog attests, Many Colleges Are Still Taking Applications For The Fall.

Indeed they are!

Take a gander at the 2012 Space Availability Survey as compiled by the National Association for College Admission Counseling. Colleges aplenty that will welcome your college applications -- as well as your tuition dollars -- with open arms.

As we opined previously on this blog, there are literally hundreds of excellent colleges and universities that, space permitting, accept applications on a "rolling" basis, and dozens that will take your application (perhaps with an additional fee) post-application deadline. Read all about it in, It's Not Too Late To Apply To College!

Whether you are that great procrastinator, or applying to college simply slipped your mind, it is not necessarily Game Over, the date on the calendar notwithstanding. In fact, with a staunch resolve and a smidgen of luck, something good may just come to (s)he who waited!

Delay no further, however. Time -- and college admissions -- waits for no (wo)man. Not even high school seniors!
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