Love 'em or loathe 'em. Write 'em or misplace 'em. Everybody has lists.

"To Do" lists. "Shopping" lists. Long lists. Short lists. Lists of colleges to apply to (which, in The College Whisperer's experience, are usually much too long).

To the genre of lists, add, where lists, on the site that calls itself "the insider's guide to everything college," abound.

There's a Most Popular List list, which includes such eclectic topics as Colleges with No Tuition (hey, where did everybody go?), Interesting College Traditions, Slacker Colleges (like you'd bother to even click), and Interesting Team Mascots.

Aside from the purely esoteric and otherwise inane [Did you know that the team Mascot for Oglethorpe University is the Stormy Petrel? What the heck is a Petrel, anyway?], there are links to more practical resources, ranging from admissions to scholarships.

Yes, they'll try to sell you something (a book), but the website and its links are free to visit and peruse.

If you need a diversion from the tedium of the Common App (and who doesn't?), deserves at least an honorable mention on your list of lists.

And while you're out there in cyberspace, hunting down admission secrets and every last dollar for college, check out, for more insights into college admissions and financial aid.

Explore all the possibilities!
That tops our list. Be certain to add it to yours.

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