In fact, this dream doesn't even cost you a dollar.

It's the 3rd Annual $100,000 Upromise College Dream Sweepstakes®. 10 lucky winners will each receive a $10,000.00 college scholarship. Now wouldn't that be grand? Ten, actually.

Forget that little bit of luck fella, cute and cuddly as the lottery's namesake curmudgeon may be. Simply click on the banner below, join
Upromise and get TurboSaver® (it's FREE), and you are automatically entered in the scholarship sweepstakes.

Nothing to buy. No catch. Not even an essay to write (phew).

Yup, you've got to be in it to win it, and with Upromise, it's a win-win. You could win $10,000.00 right off the bat, and, each time you make a purchase through the Upromise portal (all of your favorite stores are there), Upromise will give you cashback (as a percentage of your purchase) for college. The money (and it adds up, believe me) can even be transferred directly into your 529 account. [You do have a 529 account, don't you?]

So go ahead. Join Upromise, and live the dream. Hey, you never know!

Save for College the Smart Way!

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