Almost time to stick that Thanksgiving turkey in the oven (and can that Christmas music be far behind?). [By all rights, if the heralding of Christmas (1 day) begins the day after Halloween, the festivities for Chanukah (8 days) should start right after Valentine's Day. Just sayin'... Wink]


Early Action. Early Action II (like hitting the snooze button?]. Regular Decision. Now is the time to put those finishing touches on the yet unsubmitted applications. Dot the i's. Cross the t's. Answer the optional supplemental questions. Be mindful of deadlines. Do not wait for the last minute.

Portfolios. For those with Art or other program-specific portfolios, be aware that these must be submitted separate and apart from your applications (usually, through Slideroom). Be mindful of portfolio deadlines.

Report Test Scores. Remember, you MUST report test scores (ACT, SAT, SAT II, AP) to colleges you apply to (when they require scores for admission) directly from College Board and/or ACTstudent. The unofficial report of scores on your applications does not cut it.

NOTE: For those awaiting scores from the October ACT, they are scheduled to be available online (well, maybe not the Writing) on November 10. Update your applications accordingly, and be aware of November 15 EA deadlines.

***ACT is experiencing "delays" with the reporting of scores from the September test. If you submitted an ACT Score Report from the September test, make sure the colleges you sent them to actually received them. Some colleges are emailing students about test scores. Read emails and follow all instructions. And don't worry. Colleges are aware of the issue and will await your scores, even though they may arrive after deadline.***

Update Naviance. After you submit your applications, be sure to update Naviance (under, Colleges I Am Applying To). Keep Guidance in the loop! [Submit all forms as may be required by your high school.]

Read Your Emails! 'Nuf said... 

Check those "Application Checkers" Regularly. Log on to the college web portal at least once a week. Make sure they have everything they need (transcripts, recommendations, school reports, test scores) to consider your application. ALLOW FOR LAG TIME. It could take a week or two, after material is received, before the website is updated. Be vigilant, but be patient!

Prepare and Submit the CSS-Profile. For those colleges that require this College Board administered fin aid form. Yes, it is primarily used to determine eligibility for need-based aid, but some colleges use the Profile as their application for merit aid and internal scholarships. If a school you have applied to is on the Profile college list, complete and submit.[Yes, we can help with that!]

NOTE: The FAFSA, required by ALL colleges, and not just for student loans and Pell grants), can be completed on or after January 1. Sit tight.

***You Need A FSA-ID. For those new to FAFSA, StudentLoans.govStudentAid.gov, or other federal aid websites, you must create a FSA-ID to gain access. For those returning to FAFSA, etc., the PIN you created is no longer in use. You must create a FSA-ID. [Read, Pins and Needles; FAFSA, No PINs] [Yes, we can help with that, too!]***

NOTE: For the do-it-yourselfers - You need to create TWO (2) FSA-ID's. One for the student. One for a parent. 

The Great Scholarship Search. Because free money trumps (no, not THAT trump) student debt. Know where to find scholarships, which ones to apply to, and the best practices for actually getting your hands on some of that free money. Go Beyond Fastweb in your quest for scholarships. CALL TO SCHEDULE A SCHOLARSHIP SESSION!

Speaking of Scholarships!  It's November. Have you applied this month for the $2000 No Essay Required Scholarship? [I didn't think so... Still waiting for Ed McMahon to knock at your door?] There are dozens of scholarships out there just as easy to apply for. Monthly. Even weekly. But you have to be in it to win it!

And One More Opportunity To Score Some Cold, Hard Cash. Refer a student (or the parent thereof) to College Connection. Each referral garners you a chance to pick my pocket for $500. [Random drawing on or about December 4.] 

Questions? Concerns? Leftover candy from Halloween (just the good stuff)? When in doubt, give a shout out -- 516-345-8766. We are always here to help!

P.S. Ask us about the IJMIU form. Really. Just ask... Surprised 

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