The Long Island Press
, an innovative, cutting edge, regional weekly (with which neither The College Whisperer nor his "parent," College Connection, have any affinity, but for the occasional paid advertising), is accepting nominations (through August 31, for its Best of Long Island promo.

You know. Best Barber. Best Chinese food. Best Place to Cure a Hangover (having nothing to do with college life, to be sure ;-).

A beauty contest, indeed. And who could possibly be more beautiful -- in the blogosphere, at least -- than yours truly, The College Whisperer, Long Island's (and tomorrow, the world's) best college planning blogger? [With sincere and profound apologies to my cyber-twin, The College Answer Guy.]

So, why not nominate The College Whisperer (Best Long Island website, perhaps?) and College Connection [there is no category, as of this posting, for Best Long Island College Planning Service -- though we've proposed just such an accolade (good SAT word) to our friends at LIP -- so you may want to nominate us under Best College, Best Family Amusement Place, or Best Tattoo Parlor. Hey, whatever works! ;-)]

To nominate a Long Island business, organization, or person, simply go to the Best of Long Island 2011 (but wait, it's only 2010. How do they know???).

Nominate early and often through August 31, then, come September, don't forget to vote! [Primary elections not included.]

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