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College Financing: The Bonds That Tie

Posted by College Connection on Monday, October 31, 2011, In : Paying for College 

To read the full page ad in Sunday's The New York Times, one would think that the Ohio State University, home of the Buckeyes, was issung 100-year bonds (they reach maturity in a century) to help students pay for their college educations.

"BUT FOR OHIO STATE," touts the ad's headline, "a new standard would not have been set for financing public education."

While it is not unusual for public universities to issue bonds to pay for both short and long term capital projects -- dormatories, classroo...
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What Are Colleges REALLY Looking For?

Posted by College Connection on Thursday, October 27, 2011, In : College Admissions 

Neil Rosen, of Orange County, California, writes (via LinkedIn): What are some of the areas college admission officers are looking at besides GPA, SAT scores, ACT scores, and extra-curricular activities?

The College Whisperer responds: Great question, Neil!

The long and short of it is that colleges are looking for more than academic prowess (though, believe me when I say that grades and test scores count, so no slacking off there!). That's why, in examing the matrices and databases on admitted...

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Calculating The Real Cost Of College

Posted by College Connection on Monday, October 24, 2011, In : Paying for College 

Tuition. Room & Board. Books. Transportation. Incidentals. [Ah yes. Incidentals. Didn't think of those, did ya?]

What is the REAL cost of attending college? How close were those "guesstimates" to financial reality?

For years, many colleges, and a host of college-related websites, have posted so-called college cost calculators, aimed at helping the confused and tormented become even more so.

Calculations, often skewed and seldom accurate, were of little use in determining what money would be made...
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So, You THINK You Submitted The Common App. . .

Posted by College Connection on Thursday, October 20, 2011, In : College Applications 

As the frenzy to file college applications before deadline (be it Early Decision, Early Action or Regular Decision) heightens, that finger drawers perilously close to the dreaded "submit" button.

With the Common App serving as the very foundation of your foray into college admissiondom, you scrutinize every word, each digit, all the dotted "i"s and crossed "t"s. You pore over your personal statement, short answers and supplemental essays, making sure they give voice to the very essence of hear...
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Plan For College Like It's $999!

Posted by College Connection on Wednesday, October 19, 2011, In : College Planning 

No. Not a typo. Get complete, customized, personal college planning -- from college matching, admission strategies and essay development to scholarship and financial aid sourcing -- all for the incredibly low, all-inclusive price of $999.

Yes, you read that correctly. Now through Friday, November 18, College Connection is offering the Good Old-Fashioned Advice at a Good Old-Fashioned Price package, a bargain at the regular everyday price of $2000, now for only $999.*      *Certain restrictions...
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Miss The FREE College Admissions Webinar?

Posted by College Connection on Monday, October 10, 2011, In : College Admissions 

Launch Newsday's FREE College Admissions Webinar right HERE.

Then, call College Connection at 516-345-8766 to launch your plans for college admissions success!

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FREE Newsday College Admissions Webinar

Posted by College Connection on Wednesday, October 5, 2011, In : College Admissions 

Who doesn't like free?

Add "FREE" to Newsday's College Admissions Webinar (this Thursday, October 6 at 8 PM) and you've got yourself a winning combo!

Supplement our face time with this informative online session covering important and relevant topics such as college applications, the admissions process, and, as not everything in life is free, the ins and outs of financial aid.

Registration for the Webinar is required.

And please be so kind as to clue in friends, neighbors, classmates and c...

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Meet The College Whisperer™

Posted by College Connection on Tuesday, October 4, 2011, In : College Planning 

Just Who Is The College Whisperer?

The College Whisperer
 is Seth Bykofsky. [Or is it the other way around? No matter! :-)]

Born on the cusp of a new century (1 B.C.), his mother, Frances, was first runner-up to Miss Alternate Universe, while his father, Irving, served as counsel to the Czars. Orphaned at a tender age by the tragic sinking of the Titantic, Bykofsky was home-schooled until the age of 13, at which time he was summarily expelled. 

Joining the French Foreign Legion and rising t...
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The Agony of the SAT

Posted by College Connection on Tuesday, October 4, 2011, In : College Prep 

We've said it before. A multi-billion dollar cottage industry, built upon the foundation of standardizing achievement and aptitude, demonstrating neither. A rite of passage dreaded by generations of students, frowned upon by parents, and increasingly mistrusted by college admissions officers. An angst-driven, anxiety producing, stress inducing pressure cooker that elevates "teaching to the test" to the next level of absurdity.

Of course, we couldn't have said it better than Newsday, in an arti...
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The College Fair May Be Over, But The Wealth Of College Info Lives On!

Posted by College Connection on Monday, October 3, 2011, In : College Planning 

Ahh. To swim like a salmon upstream at the Long Island College Fair. The huddled masses yearning to speak with a college admissions rep. The glazed and bewildered look in the eyes of confused and weary parents. The lines at the booths of the most popular colleges, where high school students stand six deep waiting their turn to get information otherwise available to them with the click of a mouse from their laptops (from the comfort of their homes, while still dressed in their PJs). And, of co...
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Are You On "Target" For The Colleges You're Applying To?

Posted by College Connection on Saturday, October 1, 2011, In : College Admissions 

See Who Got In, Who Didn't, and How You Compare

No, it isn't foolproof, and it won't guarantee that your "target" school is a sure thing, or that "reach" school is beyond yours. Still...

Would you like to see the qualifications of thousands of real students who applied to college? See who got in, and who didn't? How about an inside look at the students applying this year?
Now you can, with the College Admissions Tracker, a free tool from
With the Admissions Tracker, you ca...

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