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Once Safe Colleges Now Out Of Reach

Posted by College Connection on Thursday, May 24, 2012, In : College Admissions 

Acceptance rates at many colleges are lower this year than in the past, and the prediction is for those percentages to drop further still next year.

College-bound students, and their parents, are scratching their heads. Why is a college that was a "safety" school, just a few short years ago, now a "reach," or even beyond?

Are college applicants becoming smarter? Are colleges recruiting too many international students? [Colleges spend millions each year recruiting foreign students, and while In...
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Till College Debt Do Us Part?

Posted by College Connection on Monday, May 14, 2012, In : Paying for College 

The New York Times reports that which most college students -- and their parents -- already know too well: Student loan debt is out of control! [Read, A Generation Hobbled by the Soaring Cost of College.]

More than $1 trillion in outstanding student debt, and that number is rising.

Of course, with tuition alone topping $50,000 at some colleges, and rising every year, despite an ailing and stagnant economy, and internal scholarship dollars as awarded by these same institutions shrinking, is it a...
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You Still Haven't Applied To College???

Posted by College Connection on Friday, May 4, 2012, In : College Admissions 

You're a high school senior, about to graduate, and the Common App is about as uncommon to you as 365 consecutive days of sunshine are to the rain forest.

Somehow, for reasons only known to, um, well, who knows -- you are just now starting down that long and winding road that leads to the ivy-covered gates known as college. Game Over, or good things come to those who wait?

As The Choice, The New York Times' informative college admissions blog attests, Many Colleges Are Still Taking Applications...

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The Importance Of Being Oriented

Posted by College Connection on Thursday, May 3, 2012, In : College Prep 

You've battled your way through the application and admissions process -- and won! You've bitten every last nail and given new meaning to the term, "high anxiety." You've met deadlines set in stone and waited for what seems like eons. You've gotten that letter -- or email -- that moment of truth you have been waiting for. You've been accepted to the college of your choice (or mom's choice... Whatever :-). You're in!

Now what?

Take a couple of seconds to relax (there will be plenty of time to sl...
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