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Prelude To The Common App: A Primer On "Getting Started"

Posted by College Connection on Monday, June 22, 2015, In : College Applications 

If there is a single question The College Whisperer is asked most about the college application process, it is, “Where do I begin?”

My typical response is, “At the beginning, of course!” ;-)

Seriously, though, getting started down that long and winding road to college admissions, as it is with many things in life, is often the most difficult part of the journey.

So, what will follow below is a basic (very basic, as in, just to give you a push) primer -- a “To Do” list, if you will...

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Posted by College Connection on Sunday, June 21, 2015, In : College Planning 

The college admissions process, from application to financing, is confusing, confounding, complex, and often overwhelming. Getting in the admissions game is one thing. Understanding the rules (where there are rules), and actually getting in to a college that is “best” for you, is quite another!

Common App or proprietary college application? Early Action, Early Decision, Restricted Early Action, Regular Decision or Rolling Admissions? ACT, SAT, Test Optional? Deferral or Waitlist? CSS Profi...

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Only The Best!

Posted by College Connection on Sunday, June 21, 2015, In : Just for Fun 

UPDATE: COLLEGE CONNECTION VOTED "BEST COLLEGE PLANNER & COUNSELOR OF THE NORTH SHORE. [Of course, our students, and their parents, already knew that! SEE, What They're Saying]

How do you like that?

College Connection, home of The College Whisperer , has been nominated in the category of "College Planning & Counseling," in Blank Slate Media's Best of The North Shore (Long Island).

Who's the best college planner and counselor on the north shore? C'est Moi! 

Okay. We know. These "best of" deals ...

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New Meaning To "Safety School?"

Posted by College Connection on Sunday, June 21, 2015, In : College Planning 

Not all that long ago, college counselors talked about Target Schools, Reach Schools, and Safety Schools.

For those who need a refresher in the terminology:

Target School -- You have the grades, the scores, and pretty much fit right in with what the college is looking for.

Reach School -- Not quite there academically, and perhaps a longshot. A toss of the dice. Why the heck not?

Safety School -- You are breathing and have a pulse at the time of application. Congratulations. You're in!

Fast forward...

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Common App -- Turn On The Dark!

Posted by College Connection on Thursday, June 18, 2015, In : College Applications 

It's pretty much common knowledge to anyone familiar with the college application process: The Common Application, commonly known as Common App, goes "live" for 2015-16 on August 1. [One might argue as to the definition of "life" in the world of college applications and admissions, but, as Mr. Spock might say, "It is life, Captain, but not as we know it!"]

What most folks do not know is that the current year's online applications, now available on Common App's platform, go dark on July 23rd.


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Enrollment Management Is The New College Admissions

Posted by College Connection on Monday, June 8, 2015, In : College Admissions 

For most graduating high school seniors, the tale has been told. You've applied and been accepted to college, made your final decision, and, hopefully, searched for and found an abundance of scholarship money to pay for that degree.

There are of course those, who, waking up to the fact that high school is now coming to an end, have yet to apply to college. The procrastinators. The "hiding under a rock" gang. The "I only applied to one school and didn't get in" bunch.

Out of luck? Too late? Afte...

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