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The Common App Goes "Live" August 1...

Posted by College Connection on Monday, June 18, 2018, In : College Planning 

... Will You Be Ready?

Yes, the 2018-19 
Common Application, online portal to nearly 800 college applications, will be rolled out on August 1st. Other college application platforms will follow.

Do you know which colleges are "best" for you? Will your applications get your foot in the door, let alone over that ivy-covered gate? Will that essay "wow" the college admissions team? And what about financial aid, scholarships, and the ins, outs, and in-betweens of the college admissions and financial a...

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NEW FOR 2018! The DIY College Planning Package...

Posted by College Connection on Monday, June 18, 2018, In : College Planning 

...With A Little Help From The College Whisperer

  • For the independent student who simply needs some direction and support. A three-hour in-person session the "need to know" on topics such as choosing colleges, completing the applications, writing the essays, finding scholarships, applying for financial aid, and all the good stuff. [In-Person service limited to Nassau, Queens, and  western Suffolk. Out of area? Ask about working remotely.]

ONLY   $500.00

Check out all of College Connection's co...

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Prelude To College Applications: A Primer On Getting Started

Posted by College Connection on Saturday, June 9, 2018, In : College Planning 

If there is a single question The College Whisperer™ is asked most about the college application process, it is, "Where do I begin?"

My typical response is, "At the beginning, of course!" ;-)

Seriously, though, getting started down that long and winding road to college admissions, as it is with many things in life, is often the most difficult part of the journey.

So, what will follow below is a basic (very basic, as in, just to give you a push) primer -- a "To Do" list, if you will -- to set y...

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